With Fresh Generation records, your royalties will appear in your account on the 20th of every month. As an artist, it's always good to know that your money will arrive when you expect it. So we at Fresh Generation records operates on a monthly payment schedule that provides you with the flexibility to withdraw your royalties at any time through the PayPal service. This means that you don't have to wait for us to send you a check each month - you can withdraw your royalties at a time of your choosing electronically. The royalties you've earned will be there waiting for you! In regards to monthly sales reports, all of the retailers send us sales and payment data once per quarterly basis Sales reports are generated at the same time and date on which your royalties are available (the 20th).

Example of a promo video with one of our artists

Example of a facebook video that we also offer 

We at Fresh Generation Records understand how important it is to promote your music so that you can reach the largest
audience possible. For this reason, we strive to provide you with the best features and services so that you can 
enjoy hassle-free music distribution and promotion.
as an Label we are here to promote you as an Artist and get your music heard.
we have a mastering team whom will master all your demo's on both WAV/MP3 files
Make Artist video's to promote on social networks and streaming platforms.
You will be assigned to one of our team members who will keep in contact with you via the easiest methods which apply to yourself.
who will ask you for a short bio (100 words) and also a pic/logo as this will be updated
on to you're personal artist page on our website.
You're assigned promo worker is litterally here to help you promote!
so this means everything! all you're latest working progress, clip, mixes, working colabs, remix comps, dj mix,

radio shows, events that you are playing at, 
free downloads and even pre-releases from other labels.

All of this will be updated on a regular basis on all our social media platforms including our label website.
As Fresh Genereation Records aim to create you a bigger audience and keep you're real fans updated.
we also have a very large dj mailing list who will play your track via radios and at events/clubs
and any live recorded shows/mixs/radioshows etc will be shared on all our social media and website

also sent to you as an Artist.
We distribute your music to the world's leading digital platforms - the download stores that mean

business and sales. 
We get your music into hundreds of online stores including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and eMusic. 
By helping you sell your music digitally online, removing all the hassle, and giving you all the support you need.
We can show you a better and easier way to succeed at what you do best.
All of this will be reducted out of you're royalties at a percentage of (20%) 
so you as an Artist will gain (80%) of all royalties gained as Artist.

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