KARMZ is a up and coming

music artist, producing

mainly drum'n'bass  and

jungle.KARMZ has also donated 

tracks for various charity albums for



EPILEPSY and more some of  which hit number one spot

 on JUNO download charts.

Karmz  also  had 5 tracks played by legendary  DJ RAP 

XAVR has been producing a wide spectrum of bass music for over 6 years, after an obsession with grime and drum and bass it then escalated into a full time hobby and profession. Now XAVR has been applying his knowledge to the the jump up scene looking to expand further into the music industry.

I'm a dad and i make drum & bass. If my lil boy doesnt shake his ass to the beat i delete the whole thing and start
i've been spinning vinyl at parties since the 90's but started producing my own music when i kept getting the creative vibe, its cool when peoples reactions are to my tracks and not someone elses.
One day the world will know the name DJ Swindla until then i just keep on making tracks.
Dj Swindla aka mike

SEIZURE SALAD properly known as Theo Jean Yves Marquez, was born in the Southeast of France and grew up in Paris. He soon then moved to Florida to start a new life, too make friends he partook in band class as percussion this is where he fell in love with the music for the first time. A few years later through rpg video games he began to listen too faster passed music this soon helped him find producers like BAD COMPANY, DJ HAZARD, Skrillex and many more. At 16 he decided to go too culinary school in the North of France. While back in his home country he founded an entourage of up and coming DJ’s and producers that were talented and spinning weekly at 4 different venues. During weekends away from school he began to perfect his DJ’ing techniques and started producing using Abelton. Graduating from culinary school he soon came back to Florida and start working in kitchens and on his off time slowly progress his productions and live mixing. It was through the Beat Positive Movement that seizure salad meet Alex Kaplan and was soon signed to After Dark’s management

Im 22 yo from germany.. making music since 11 years now .. had a straight childhood and was raised religious .. mum with the biggest heart ive seen on earth and a father with much forbidden wisdom . because of his teachings i started the frequency/music theory .. and since its normal for a young man in our millenium age I dropped kinda out to the Bass Music

Discovering electronic music at a very early age during the funky house boom in the 90's, Peter naturally always inclined towards the more melodic, positive vibe side of things. In his early teens, one of his mates brought him a cassette with a dnb DJ mix and he instantly fell for it. He was lucky enough to live his teen times through the "golden era of liquid" round 2005. While all his mates were playing computer games, he used his time productively and experimented in FL Studio 3 and DanceEjay. Soon he also found a passion in DJing. At the age of 20, he formed a live-electronic band named The Funk Junkiez, releasing mainly free dnb and liquid tracks. In 2012 the group parted and Peter took a long break from producing, never quitting 100% tho. In 2016, he moves to Prague, where life inspires him again so much that he starts producing mainly positive summer-vibe liquid infused by boombap, jazz and funk again at a serious level, under the name Simple Souls, slowly establishing himself on the liquid scene with growing support from artists and fans.

SeanieG is a Drum & Bass DJ & producer from Stroud in the South West of England. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music. Having spent many years playing at alot of the major local night clubs (alongside local hard-hitters and national acts alike), holding multiple residencies, DJing special events and promoting his own shows, SeanieG has had a lot of time to develop his sound. In the past has supported the likes of Logan D, Sigma, Nicky Blackmarket, Clipz, Cheshire Cat, Gold Dubs, Micky Finn, kenny Ken, Easy, Virtue, Cotti, Annix, KY, slipmatt, Bryan Gee, Voltage and many more. He has also been a radio DJ on USZ, Narcotic Radio and ShottaTV.

Musician, producer, DJ, Bass Head, promoter, and Drum n Bass enthusiast alike, Mars Mantra hails out of Mars. He was sent down to show Earth the chunky sounds of NeuroFunk. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music… aided by over a decade of Djing and 5 years playing the Drums. Having spent many years playing the underground scene.(alongside local hard-hitters and national acts alike), DJing special events and promoting his own shows, Mars Mantra has had a lot of time to develop his sound. For him, it’s all about mood and a deep, hypnotic Chunky Bass Sounds… playing those tracks that get you your Bass Face and nodding your head without you realizing it, Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself melting to the sounds of Mars Mantra.

Hey so I’m Malum Lux, a nocturnal bass head who isn’t a massive fan of the light, I guess that’s why I bring the darkness to my tunes. Been at this for ages but recently things have started to click, learnt to DJ in 2005 and started producing on reason in 2007, 2014 I moved to Ableton and that’s when things got tasty. Got realises out for ‘Division Bass’ and run a jungle label called ‘Lion Paw Audio’ also part of the ‘Fresh Generation’ crew and I feel blessed to be here. All’s I can say is stick to your dreams and big things will come your way!

MYKEY B from Derby 28 year old up front Drum and Bass DJ / Producer! been working on music since the age of 16. Got into the scene from an early age as a raver goin to underground events around the midlands to major events like One Nation, Slammin' Vinyl, Innovation. Started DJing at the Edge in Nottinham at the age of 16 to playing DNB events up in Leeds from the age at 18! Recently been stuck into the production focusing on jump up / rollers on a mad one in the studio! be sure to check the forth coming EPs out soon!

I'm DJ Native Instinctz or NI for short, I'm a 19 year old drum and bass DJ/producer from North West London. I like to come with a unique and fresh flow with every tune I make and complement each twisted synth with a dark rolling bassline. I always try to keep a good energy to flow with not just my tunes but my mixes too.

Born in Los Angeles and currently in Florida, Sun7 has been creating beats and writing lyrics since 1989, slowly making a name for himself over a 15 year span, not much is known about Sun7, whom has had few stage appearances, notably during DJ/MC battles within Charlotte N.C.'s burgeoning Hip-Hop scene (Fat City, The Room, Club X-Calibur, The Graduate, The Steeple and The Breakfast Club), later on making an onstage appearance with Fishbone's lead singer Angelo Moore (Le Machines Festival-Nantes, France), DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill afterparty, The Room- Charlotte, NC) and The Artifacts reunion show (Emerald Lounge, Asheville, NC).

As a producer, his production is unpredictable and spans multiple genres, from Boom-Bam to Breakbeats to Electro to House and D&B. Sun7 has created the Audio Narcotics instrumental series, his debut, self-produced LP "Even @ The Darkest Hour", and a few tracks featured on independent mixtapes, such as DJ Kaz's Indie Promo series and a plethera of production features for a number of independent artists.

It's the early 1980's, and Morgan Khan has just released the first of his seminal "Street Sounds Electro" series. A short lived collection of compilation albums that bought the underground soundtrack of an emerging culture from New York & Los Angeles, to the small rundown towns of Maggie Thatcher's Britain.
From that point on, John was hooked on this "underground" music culture as it quickly evolved from Electro to Hip Hop. Gathering and soaking up any information he could find about, DJ culture (scratching & mixing), the clothing (tracksuits & trainers), and even it's art (graffiti).
Like any addiction, many things were sacrificed in the pursuit of awesome.Paper Round money got diverted from the ‘normal’ social activities of a young teenager, towards more important items…. such as vinyl records. A couple of cheap belt driven records players (with no pitch control) and a cheap audio mixer from the local Tandys Electronics store were purchased. Not a perfect set-up, but it provided hours of entertainment. Beat matching was not particularly important for Hip Hop. Beats of different tempo’s could be dropped from one to another easily without being too jarring. What was important was scratching and beat looping

my name is ultra impact. i have been into drum&bass for nearly 27 years i still remember my first rave at bagleys kings cross at the age of 15 which i never looked back but i really started raving at the sanctuary arena milton keynes i have been around for all the dnb genres from jungle to jump up etc but i think the best sounding style for dnb now is neurofunk dnb the sounds are just perfect for dnb i started making the best music there is about 10 or so years but i hve just got into neurofunk in the last 2 years it all started just for a hobby but now its time i shared my tunes with all the drum&bass heads out there i hope u all like listening to my tracks has i enjoyed making them so i hope u will all hear more from me very soon.

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